Beyond A Quick
Hunger - Satisfying Solution

Lightly Salted is Global Flavor Cross Borders For Snacks

Nuts Circle’s roasted salted cashew nut is winning in its ability to satisfy cravings and meet emotional needs.

According to Kelsey Olsen, Food and Drink Analyst, lightly salted is global flavor cross borders and salty snack foods are found in most American households.

Easily Accessible To A Healthy Snack

Nuts Circle’s Roasted cashew nut is plant-based food with all natural, one bag contains 266 calories per serving size and no added sugar, suitable for vegans, free from gluten, wheat, dairy and egg, high in gut-friendly fiber and protein.

Convenient For A Busy Lifestyle

Each bag weighted 45g (1.6 Oz) so it is very easy to take with you – and even easier to eat when you are on the go.
Nuts Circle’s  roasted cashews nut is car snack, office snack, lunchbox snack, hiking snack, bike snack, touring snack.

Great calorie and protein sources to eat on the golf course and yoga