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May Help You Improve Heart Health And Lose Weight
Cashews are especially rich in unsaturated fats — a category of fats linked to a lower risk of premature death and heart disease; low in sugar, a source of fiber, and contain almost the same amount of protein as an equivalent quantity of cooked meat. In addition, their rich fiber and protein content can help reduce hunger and increase feeling full. Put together, all of these factors may help you lose excess weight.
May Help You Maitain Good Sleep And Strong Bones

Cashew nut is rich in magnesium and calcium. Therefore, helps maintain healthy and strong bones and teeth.
It also aids in providing good sleep to women who are in their menopausal stage.

Beneficial For Your Hair

Here is how:

Acids like linoleic acid (polyunsaturated fats) and oleic acid (monounsaturated fats) are richly present in cashew nuts and can be good for all hair types.
The acids may even activate hair cell growth factors. Therefore, renders a smooth and shiny texture to your hair.

Maybe Good For Your Skin

There are a plethora of beauty products and skincare product ranges that include cashew nut oil as their featured ingredients:

  1. This oil will provide a smooth texture to your skin.
  2. Apply this oil on a regular basis to find that your skin has retained its moisture.
  3. The oil is rich in Vitamin E. This vitamin plays a vital role in the anti-aging mechanism.
  4. Cashew nut oil also helps in improving your skin complexion.

Plant-based foods are alternative sources of energy and nutrient