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Once every year, Nuts Circle and leading buyers and suppliers from across the Asia Pacific come together for the region’s most immersive food and beverage trade show.

THAIFEX 2024 has 3,133 exhibitors from 52 countries/ regions meet 85,850 visitors from 131 countries/regions – a culinary revolution. From bold launches to pivotal deals, every second matters. It is not just a trade show; it is the heart of F&B’s next chapter.

This is also where you go BEYOND FOOD EXPERIENCE – it is a feast of innovation, networking, and boundless opportunities. The latest trend, ‘Plant-Based: The Rise of Applied Offerings,’ reveals that consumers worldwide prefer plant-based foods for their health benefits and environmental friendliness. Plant-based innovation is not limited to meat and dairy alternatives but extends to various options such as Vietnam roasted salted cashews with skin from Nuts Circle.

Nuts Circle introduced 40 exhibitors from Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philipine (A representative from USA) and Greece new concept of consumer packed Vietnam roasted salted cashew with skin as a quick hunger – satisfying solution as “On-the-go” snacks packed in 45 gr bag. Also, it is a “Must-buy souvenir gift when coming to Vietnam” since the cashew nuts cultivated in Vietnam are firmed, dense, richer vitamins, minerals, energy and nutrients.

 The show is over, but we have gained many excitements and confidents from what the exhibitors commented positively on Nuts Circle’s Vietnam roasted salted cashews with skin.